Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.

Hands at work

Its been years i've been watching my Mom's hand working non stop. So just as a memory putting it in my creative world.. Its always been an inspiration
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Agni - the power in it

Attending the evening aarti at Haridwar was quite a tranquilizer to the soul... the whole environment drift you away from the materialitic world...
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@During Maha Khumbh, Haridwar.
Its a believe, faith in the life cycle (Create, preserve and destroy) and someone up there is watching us for our karma....Prayers for the THE GOD.
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@During Maha Khumbh in Ganges, Haridwar.
The prayers for the loved ones, ancestors and the generations to come...
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@Neelkanth, 20-25 km from Haridwar.

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The picture was taken at an Ashram in Haridwar. Seeing and clicking flowers gives me an immense pleasure... When i can see every details of it (@ Macro level) it makes me wonder how complex the whole system of life is. ...............

But even in complexity life exists and that too as a beautiful Rose.... then why there is so much chaos in our life? Can't we learn........
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So human

At Ram Jhula, Rishikesh i saw this Cow having water from the tap with her toungue out. I was a bit late to capture some great moments out of it.
I had to hurry as my parents were calling me and we were getting late. Anyway this is what i could get after waiting for a while.
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Life line at the purest form

While on my way to Rishikesh, our cab driver stopped over for a break. He filled up his water bottle with the stream of water flowing from the hills. The way he was drinking the water to meet his thirst was quite pleasurable to the eyes...

Anyway i believe its the most purest and refreshing lifeline gifted by the nature....
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While in Amritsar i was clicking some pictures of the Golden Temple from my Hotel's roof...when suddenly i noticed this bird. The way the bird is taking shelter (Or may be a halt on its Journey) is quite a concidence...

Indeed a hotel for the lovely creature.... :-)
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Chemical Bonding...oh no Its just an imagination

A slower shutter speed...more exposure and some combination of colors and light... here i'm learning the tricks. I was in NDTV studio when i saw how light can change effects while shooting... so thought of experimenting it myself. Its a Easter weekend and i did not want to go out of my room... and that was for good as i did a lot of experimenting...