Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.


@Night Bazzar, Chaing Mai.
The name suggest its a Nigh Bazzar but we were there in daytime too. To our suprised we found few of the shops open. We bought a lot of stuff with a lot of bargaining.... few of my colleauge were too good at it. While they were busy bargaining i was busy capturing them on my lenses...
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Dusky Beauty

@Le Meridian, Chaing Mai.
The lady was quite enticing especially her dance moves which caught everyone's attention - Full of energy.
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The Show Begins

@Le Maridian,Chaing Mai - The Official Fun Time
The gala dinner begins with great performances. We danced throught out the night and hed the greatest fun.
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@Shangri-La Hotel, Chaing Mai.
The picture was taken from my room's terrace. After the whole day roaming around the city i was pleased to get a nice sunset picture.
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Life in Wood...

@WholeEarth restaurant in Chaing Mai.
Look at the smile.. Its so natural... The artifact was made out of wood and was placed in the garden of the restaurant.
The restaurant serves good Indian food and is a blessing for me as i cann't have Thai food.
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@Cobra Show in Chaing Mai.
Don't remember the creature name but its was too fast and furious. Its can jump upto few feet and was quite swift.
See how the kid is concentrating on the creature's move... The commentator right said - "The creature can kill you in 30 minutes and the hospital from the show place is 20 minutes away - So each moments counts."
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The Kiss

@Cobra Show in Chaing Mai
Like the Elephant show the Cobra show was also exciting and full of fun. By the mid of the show all the people sitting in the front row were at the back seats. These people made the show so scary at times... In this pic the man is kissing the King Cobra @#$% (keeping in mind the fact that the King cannot see in the front.... )
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Reaching out to greet..

@The Elephant Show in Chaing Mai.
After the show you have the oppurtunity to touch and feel the big creatures. Its so much of fun when they grab you by their trunk, tease you by blowing air...oh its really fun
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@The Elephant Show in Chaing Mai.
The show gives you a glimpse of how intelligent this big creature can be. I was really suprised to see the team work and yes the sense of humour of this big creature. It may be because of the training they got but still its really commendable to say that they have brains..
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lamp shades..

@Chaing Mai,Thailand.
Chaing Mai has this night Bazzar which opens in the evening and closes by 1 PM at night. All cheap stuff and exciting stuff to buy. You need to have a good bargaining skills to get a better deal.
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Shades of Light..

@Shangri-La Hotel, Chaing Mai, Thailand.
i personally loved the shades of light in this pictures, as such the title goes like that....The picture was taken in the recent trip to Chaing Mai in Thailand. Its a hill locked city with beautiful scenic beauty... Its very calm city as compared to other Thai cities.
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