Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.

Hogenakkal falls

Hogenakkal falls in on the river Kaveri and is one of the best waterfall in India. The best time to see this falls in during/after rainy season when the river overflows. Then the fall has a grand view.
We could not see the grand view of the fall but still it was big a great trip down south.. We took round boats and went quite close to the falls and the travelled with the flow to a bank a bit far from the fall. At the bank we had fish curry and rice (Cooked fresh at the bank only). It was a delicious experience...
Must visit.. what a know and heard is that its a big time Bollywood and Trollywood destination for shoots. Movies like Roja, Ashoka and Ravana are few of the films in which one can see Hogenakkal falls and around.
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@June'10: Hogenakkal Falls, TN.
The sound of water and its calm yet powerful flow always inspire the human inside me.. It gives me such a soothing feeling which i hardly get while in Delhi. The congested markets, roads, dust all around in Delhi is totally opposite of what i long for... and a weekend trip to a place like this makes me feel better...
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@June'10: On a weekend trip to B'lore. This place is outskirt of B'lore - on the way to Hogenakkal falls. The reflection of the scenic beauty on the car's screen was quite irresistible to me...
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Its already June ...Mid of the Year... Time really flies.
lying on my bed a mixed thought rush through me..sometime i feel that time should fly fast, faster and even faster and at the same time i want the time to be still.. and then i want to go back to the past... Its human...Sometime i expect the time to be still cause i've so many things to do, sometime i'm going through the best moment of my life... and sometime when i feel bored on it i feel the time should fly..yes, faster... and then sometime i know there is a lot of moments waiting for me in the future... but whatever it is i still misses my good old days - my childhood, my school days and college days... those were the days when we were carefree.. though we had no money but we were the most happiest people on earth.. missing those moments is obvious, right?
just give a thought... i'm already doing that..
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Global Warming...

@Guwahati, Assam - On the way to Airport
It was 2 in the afternoon and the clouds were all around the city...By the time we were half way to the Airport it was so dark that we had to switch on our car's headlight.. and then the rain. It was pouring as if we are under a heavy. Leaving in Delhi for last 8 years i miss the rains. Rain was a part of our life while we were in Assam, then in Gangtok. Clear sky, clean landscape, sound of the rain of Tin roof..oh my!! I need a break to be there and enjoy the nature..
P.S: You know this year its raining is Assam for last 3 months contineously.. My parents are still using blankets and temperature has not rose to that level. Summer is still distant away. In past it used to be around 38 degree at this time with more than 90% humidity. oh Global warming is in full effect...
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