Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.


29th Oct, 2010
Even the Sun leaves behind beautiful moments to cherish for ages.. Why can’t we?

The picture is the courtyard of the Taj, taken almost 2 months back during one of my visit to Agra. The Yamuna is full with water - A rare sight now a days. I was fortunate enough to witness it.
P.S: This year the water level in Yamuna reached to a level which was last seen when Shajahan was alive... (???)
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26th Oct 2010, Delhi
Curves – the most appreciated line (Think mathematically) by human being because of its simplicity and easiness of drawing it. Moreover it gives shape which are soothing to the human senses (Sight and touch).

I took this pic quite sometime back during an event but somehow missed to upload it....but now after a bit of editing its here in my blog...
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24th Oct 2010, Delhi
Ektara – is a traditional Indian musical instrument. It is mostly popular in West Bengal where it is played along traditional Bengali songs. It comes in various shapes and types. The one depicted here is a bowed string instrument. The most popular type of this instrument is the violin…

Unfortunately I was not carrying my lens kit and I had to click using my 18-55 mm lens… I wish I had a good lens at the time of clicking… But still i like the composition of the whole pictures with the lady's bangles,nail paints and of course the Ektara

The Hanging Couple

21st Oct 2010
These artifacts, made of clay, were hanging at a height (totally unnoticeable) in one of the shop. Somehow they managed my attention and here is the result.

P.S: Initially i was thinking of naming the pic as 'Hanging Twins' but on a closer look i realized that actually one of the face is of a female.
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19th Oct 2010, Delhi
The artifact symbolize Natraj - Natraj is said to be the god of artistic skill.

Natraj is one of the names of the Hindu god, Shiva, the most revered god in this ancient religion. The image of Natraj is also known as "dancing Shiva". The dancing image captured in popular statues is meant to symbolize life's ebb and flow. It also reminds us of the balance between form and void, as well as the time before the divine created form from the void. The statues of Natraj are framed by a circle representing cosmic energy. If you look closely at a status of this Hindu god, you will see that Natraj stands upon a demon, which symbolizes triumph over spiritual ignorance.
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17th Oct 2010, Delhi
The color story continues.. these time with lamps
These lamp shades can do magic with right choice of color, illumination and placement...the way it did for me.

Btw these shades are suppose to be use bulbs, not candles which i didn't like at all.. :-(
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Dancing Queens from the hills

17th Oct 2010, Delhi.
The diversity within India is vast and if i go out and try to capture all those beautiful places, culture, attire, dance, rituals, artifacts etc then i don't think i could make it in this life... Its truely Incredible India..

Got a chance to click few of them .. not sure to which part of the country it belongs but seems like a traditional dance of the northern hills..any idea?
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Colorful Bangles

16th Oct 2010, New Delhi
Here goes my 2nd upload of the day... The eye catching colorful Bangles.
The variegated appearance makes it a perfect capture.

These bangles are made by wrapping colorful threads over a solid base - thats my understanding.
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16th Oct, 2010
Lat weekend while roaming around Delhi i clicked numerous pictures... But never had enough time to edit and upload it here...
Now that week is over, no CWG games to attend, i managed to transfer the pics and then process them

Here goes the first one ... clicked at Delhi Haat... This was my first visit to Delhi Haat since i came to Delhi
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Go Delhi!!

12th Oct 2010, New Delhi
Got a chance to be the part of CWG'2010... i spent most of my weekend watching the games and its the best thing ever happened to Delhi...The whole atmosphere and experience was amaging...

I was fortunate enough to be with my Camera... and here is the first upload from me after the hectic weekend... Many more to come including colors of Delhi..

400 meters heats ongoing at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
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Tic Tac ***

07th Oct 2010; New Delhi
Tic Tac ...oh its a mint, not the sound i remember from my childhood days...
At night when everyone was asleep i used to stare on the ceiling for long, and a background sound of the pendulum used to strike my mind every now and then... tic tac tic tac tic tac...(Dictionary say its tick tack, not tic tac..)
Oh my sometime it was so frightening and at times totally a mystry..

gone are those days... now i don't have a clock at home...the nights are totally silient and my mind searches for the one little sound which can break the silience...
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3rd Oct, 2010; New Delhi
Chased them for long to get a closer picture but all attemts failed... at last got this pic.
The picture could have been much much better if i had my zoom lens on but ... :-(
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2nd Oct,2010; Delhi
This week was eventful in India be precise in Delhi. CWG starting tommorow and Delhi has chnages completely... Its looking amaging all around... beutiful.
Then we had the verdict for the Ayodha disputed land. Not sure if the verdict given is a compromise or not? Whatever it is only one thought always come to my mind - we are fightuing across the globe for religion but when we see people around (complete strangers) can anyone tell (without any doubt?), that to which religion he belongs.... if not then why we are fighting?
Religion should be used for peace of mind... not for political/regional conflicts..

The pciture taken by me are of complete strangers... what i can see in the picture is 2 human being....
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