Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.


26th Dec 2010, New Delhi

For last 8 years it has remain constant - a nonentity whose existence in Delhi doesn't matter. Ask those people (like me) who uses the Delhi's Auto Rickshaw regularly...
The fare asked by the Autowalas' are like a growing sensex... and funniest part is that they make mathematics irrelevant.

P.S: After the CWG and new fare rates at least 60-70% of these Autowalas go by meter (Thats my observation). Let see whats there in future?

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From the Archive...

19th Dec 2010, New Delhi

Got this pic from my archive..
The river is lifeline for these women (not only a source of water but also a mean of earning). They had feed us the best fish curry i had in recent time...

The picture was taken at Hogenakkal fall during this summer. The last picture which i had uploaded of the fall was in June (If all of you remember).

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Hey! I just crossed

12th Dec 2010, Delhi

I was just running for no reason… totally unaware, looking straight…
I know I crossed you many times but could not decipher why?
And now that I have stopped I don’t want to miss it again...

Both the kids were running all around and i tried hard to click them... but could not manage to get a clear picture as they were not at all static..
Now i realized that it was for better... blurness has given a better effect to the overall pic..
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08th Dec 2010, Delhi

The journey continues …. and in the right direction.

i can see the bank at the horizon - some moments away,
i know soon i would be there, not to rest,
but to continue my next phase of life…

Uncertainty is becoming so obvious…
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05th Dec 2010, Delhi

So many stories to tell so many things to share…some happy moments some not so happy..
The day I speak it will take days to finish….

While passing through the by lanes I realized that this bench had seen so many things… so I thought why not use this picture as the prelude to the new things venturing into my life…
I’ll share things with time on my blog…
…so many things to come – totally new, exciting and challenging.
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