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The rituals..

5th March 2011, New Delhi

There are things which we are supposed to do (in India being an Hindu) but we as a new generation does not understand why we need to follow this? We just do it for the sake of it or completely ignore it. We hardly try to understand the logic behind it. Maybe it’s not our fault at all because we were never told about it. Why? May be because people themselves are ignorant so they never tried to tell us or maybe we never took interest in it.

Anyway I’m not writing here to argue but in fact I’m trying to find some answers for myself.

So the question is how to get an answer to all the tradition/rituals which we follow? It’s easy when we are living in the digital world.

In today’s’ digital world there is an answer to everything…just google it.  So that’s what I did… I tried looking out for answers and to my surprise there are people who are online putting together all the logic behind our rituals. It’s not propaganda from them but an honest effort to keep our traditions alive.

As I sit back and relate all our rituals to the age old civilization then I can really correlate the logic. Though in today’s world a lot of them become insignificant but on a true note these rituals helps one to relate to the energies which controls the earth. These rituals are nothing but a respect to the mighty nature. It signifies how important role nature plays in our life on which we do not have any control.

This post depicts pictures of 2 types of Kalash. The one made on the clay pot was kept at the entrance while the kalash made over brass pot was used in various other rituals.

Kalash? My search say – Kalash is not a pot as most of the people claim to know. In fact it is a pot (Made of Clay, brass or copper) with mango leaves and coconut on top of it. So it more than just a pot, right? In lot of tradition people also fills the pot with rice or water. When filled with rice (or grains) or water it is known as Purnakumbha.

A kalash represents creation. The vacant pot, symbolizes earth, and the water filled symbolizes the primordial water from which life began on earth. The mango leaves represent the life forms. And coconut a product from the life forms is again filled with water symbolically representing endless cycle and the single thread that runs in all of us.

It also symbolizes immorality. We in Hindu culture uses the Kalash is numerous occasion right from house warming, weddings and festivals. It is mainly kept at the entrance. Its other forms are also used in a number of rituals.

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