Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.

Remembering a rustic morning

22nd May 2011, New Delhi

Waking up to the sun and sitting in an open space with a cup of tea in one hand and reading the morning newspaper for hours. The rustic life has its own charm. You had so much of time with you to do so many things.

Now that i'm miles away from it and running every day of the week to catch up things in time i hardly get time to read the newspaper, that too with a relaxed mind.. its just one of the many things i miss now a days. And i'm sure if i sit down and start thinking there would countless such moments.

The metropolitan life and its ever growing pace has deprived us from living such a rustic, peaceful and relaxed LIFE! I hope one day i'll go back to that life...

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Summer colors

16th May 2011, New Delhi

Sometime you like a click the way it is, without any edits. You fall in love with it and feels like staring it for hours.
This is one such click which i like the most.
The yellow leaves in Delhi’s extremely hot weather are really a mesmerizing sight. :-)

Picture taken from my balcony using Canon 1000D and EF S55-250 mm f/4 - 5.6 IS lens

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Anxious moments

07th May 2011, New Delhi

There are many anxious moments in life when one sits down and whole life passes in a flash in front of you. This might be one such moment when she was quite restless thinking of the new life ahead of her.
Leaving behind the comfort of a known city, friends, parents for a completely unknown life must have been a tough time. I could clearly see the restlessness of the moment by her body language, and her hands were the perfect thing to capture the moment.
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Roadtrip to cherish - Guwahati to Jorhat

1st May 2011, New Delhi

It is rare that a road trip starts from plains and suddenly you find yourself driving around  the labyrinth of hills…as you pass through the hills you are driving  along one of the largest river in the country …It’s not over yet! During the Journey you cross one of the world’s renowned wild life sanctuaries, and as you just start pondering about the vast stretch of green you find yourself in-between never ending stretch of tea gardens (Remember your morning Tea?)… Then at last, you finish your journey in a city which is few miles away from world’s largest river island.
Don’t you think it’s an amazing road trip? Yes it is. The road trip from Guwahati to Jorhat is such an unforgettable experience.
This time we took a different route from Guwahati – via Chandrapur (Otherwise people drive straight to Nogoan), basically because of two reasons – one the main highway was under construction as such the pace of covering distance was slow. Secondly it’s a worth taking route with scenic beauty all around.
Our driver was well versed with this route. We drove through the narrow road which was a bit frustrating but I never complained as I could live up my passion.
To brief up my journey - Within half an hour, after leaving Guwahati, hills were all around us. We drove through the hills till we reached a stretch of road running parallel to the mighty river Brahmaputra. The huge river at one side and hills on the other side was splendid.

This road took us directly to Nogoan District and that too, flat in 2 and half hours.
From Nogoan we took the usual route… stopped at Aamoni for a break. (P.S: This place is meant for a halt only with roadside dhabas across the road).

After taking off from Aamoni I was excited as I knew within an hour we would be crossing the Kaziranga wild life sanctuary. Kaziranga wild life sanctuary is famous for its one horn Indian Rhino. While approaching Kaziranga you will find yourself again amidst hills. And down below you can see the huge stretch of grassland.
Next stoppage was at a place called Burapahar (Literary means Old Hill) within Kaziranga to have a glimpse of the grassland. We also went to a small temple for darshan (it is considered a good omen to visit one of these temples during the road journey).

After a good half an hour break we took off from there and headed straight towards the plains. Soon we could see tea estates on both sides of the roads. The lush green cover on both sides will surely grasp your attention. These are the estates from where you get your world famous Assam tea.

Now for miles and miles there were only tea estates. For me the view of the stretch has become monotonous (being born and bought up there) and as such I dozed off for rest of my journey. When I wake up I was already in Jorhat and Sun was just disappearing down the horizon.

There has been numerous occasion when I travelled from Guwahati to Jorhat and back to Jorhat, but for the first time I thought of jotting down the experience. Next time (for sure) I’ll be more prepared and will click some great pictures to share.
Till then just enjoy the click that I could manage from my road trip.
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