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Grooving on to the past!

03rd July 2010, New Delhi

Being part of a generation which grew with the open economy, has given me a chance to be part of the great transition instead of just being a mere spectator.
The transition has seen memories changing with each passing years. And with my memories the biggest change I can see is on how we entertain our self. Entertainment for us has changed – from rarity to an integral part of the life, from playing at the courtyard to chat over webcam, from B&W TV to 3D LCD TV with millions of colors, from monochrome cellphones to retina display.
Looking back I still ponder over all those sweet memories and wish if I could paint them all in present colors.
There are many - the moment when I saw the first show on a B&W TV, the moment when i use to get out of the home with excitement to play, when i got out of home all alone for the first time, when I started staying away from home with a dream in mind, the moment when I got the first job and still unaware what’s coming next… and yes there are many!
Those were the moments and I know it would take years to fill them up again with colors. But I still wish to make it happen one day.
Now days there are lots of mean to capture every second of life but we still cherish those sweet old days.
Watching the above picture I reckon that I (and may be the new generation) still get excited with things from the past – may be because they bear the colors of the past. J

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