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Baijnath group of temples

18th Dec 2011, New Delhi

Baijnath is situated near the hill town of Kasauni in Uttrakhand. Its a 15 km drive downhill to the valley of Garur. Once known as Kartikyapura, Baijnath was the capital of the Katyuri dynasty of kings who ruled Uttaranchal during 12th and 13th centuries.

The groups of temples constructed in the 12th century are also popularly known as Baijnath. These temples hold significance as according to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Parvati were married at the confluence of River Gomati and Garur Ganga.

The view around the temples is quite picturesque. At one side the Gomti flows through the valley while on other side one can view a range of Himalaya’s peaks.

The best day to visit this place would be on a clear day. Then only one can enjoy the beauty of this place.

There are few more interesting things apart from the temples at Baijnath temples (which we got to know from our driver). While approaching the temples, on the right side (Along the bank of the Gomti River) there is an oval stone (approx 1 feet in diameter) which accordingly to people has significance. Though the stone is not big enough, but due to its shape hardly anyone can lift it beyond waist. Do give it a try. I tried but failed.

The other interesting things are the fishes in the Gomti River. They are in abundance and can be seen clearly through naked eyes. If you want to have a closer look at them, then feed them with nuts (Nuts can be purchased there itself). It’s a fun sitting there and watching the fishes as close as a foot away from you.

The other good thing about this place is that there are hardly any tourists coming to this place so you will always have a relaxing time around the place.

P.S: Similar types of temples are there in Jageshwar in Almora district which are more popular than Baijnath. The Jageshwar group consist of 124 such smaller temples.

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