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The unknown surprise !!

25th Dec 2011

We took a long walk through the woods (through Jones estate) searching for one of the smaller lake (Nal Damyanti Lake) in Bhimtal. It was quite an adventure as the narrow lanes were unknown to us. Once the woods were over we saw some settlements. We asked few people for the way to the lake.

After almost an hour walk we did reach the lake. I didn’t like the view of the lake. It was more looking like a pond than a lake. So we went further searching for some better places. We were aware that there is a church somewhere near by the lake. We searched for it. And at last what we found was a beautiful small church amidst the trees. The view of the church was much better than the lake. And watching at the church we found that we were the only tourist at its premises.

Anyway I was pleased to find it out. I clicked numerous pictures but could not find out the name of the church. I tried searching on internet also, but hardly got any info about the church.

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