Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.

The Show!!

27th March 2014

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” - Bob Marley

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” - Martha Graham 

Music and dance go hand in hand, especially when an evening is filled with great musician, loud music, and on top of it a bit of alcohol.

This is exactly what we experienced last week during one of those amazing show, with Pritam and his gang, made us dance till late in the night.


A story on Women's Day !!

08th March 2014, New Delhi

It was an October evening; I was sitting alone on the bank of the river Ganges in Rishikesh. The Sun was going down and people all around were preparing for the evening aarti.

I noticed these two girls approaching me. They were selling floating candle lights and requested me to buy few. I bluntly refused, completely ignoring them. There was some silence in between. Then I looked towards them, they looked so innocent. But their innocence didn't move me.

And suddenly one of them said, “We go to school every day. It’s only in the evening that we sell these candles to help our parents. Please buy some from us.”

I was completely surprised to hear what they said. There was a smile on my face and I think I took hardly few seconds to take out my purse to buy those candles. [Later just to cross check I asked a lot of stuff to them and they actually knew a lot.]

 To these days I think about what they said to me. They are too young to think and say such things but it’s this kind of thinking which will make them stronger in future. On this day when everyone is celebrating International Women’s Day, I thought why not post this story for all? The sole reason to write is to make everyone aware that it’s the thinking within the person (this post especially for women) which will bring fortunes (in all respect) to them than such celebrating another day for the sake of it.

Happy Women’s Day to all the lovely people out there!  


Symmetry in disarry

03rd March 2014, New Delhi

Wherever you go in India you will find crowd full of chaos and asymmetry, and our happiness lies in finding the perfect symmetry in the disarray..

Surajkund fair can be such one place full of people (especially on a weekend)… with thousands of people filling up every nook and corner of the place it was quite difficult for me to concentrate. But to my luck I found this group of people sitting at the backstage of an open arena waiting for their turn to perform.

Their dress, the decorated caps and similar face was near to perfect symmetry I was looking out among thousands of people.