Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.

Monsoon heaven!

01st Sept 2014, New Delhi

My last trip to Naldehra in Himachal Pradesh was quite different from my expectation. I was expecting a sunny and warm weather, but it turned out to be quite rainy and wet. With clouds and rains all around i could hardly click much. But the trip was so nostalgic to me. The continuous rain, clouds beneath me and the hills took me to the school days i spent in Gangtok, Sikkim. Those glorious days came to life again!

This is the picture of the golf course at Naldehra. Its the highest and one of the oldest Golf course in India built around 1900 by the British. The day i went there was rainy with almost zero visibility. I waited almost an hour to get some glimpse of the course and at last got this click. 
And now i thank my luck that it was not a clear day, else i could have never got this shot. The mist and clouds adds so much character to the whole frame.


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