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LAITLUM - a hidden Jewel

19th Jan 2015, New Delhi

As mentioned earlier my whole trip to Shillong was not planned properly and now that i have been there i'm quite happy about the fact. Shillong is known as Scotland of East and truly it'll meet all those expectation of yours.

I wanted to go to places, which normally people avoid or hardly know about it.  Laitlum ( 't' silient) - was one such place. I was browsing Instagram a day before my travel and saw some beautiful pictures of this place.I felt in love but those pictures never show the full beauty of the place. So all i had in my mind were those picture only.

Anyhow i went ahead and left for Laitlum. This place is around 5 kms ahead of a small village called Smit. Searching this place was a task. Hardly anyone knew about it. Our driver had no clues but still with the help of Google maps we tried to find it. After hours of drive we could hardly find clues about it. We asked locals and they just pointed to one direction and we followed. Locals didn't understand English or Hindi. So it was a chance we took. 

I wanted to go back as traces of the place is nowhere to see. But then suddenly a local taxi driver came to our help. He was taking locals to the same place and Bingo!!

As soon we arrived at Laitlum our Jaws were awestruck!! What a place... miles of pasture land. You can run, roll down and have all the fun. At the end of the pastures are the famous "Canyons of Laitlum" (This is what the place is famous for and pictures to come soon). 

The best thing i liked about this places was that there were hardly anyone out there. Few (i counted 5) locals from Shillong and we were the only tourist from outside Shillong. Wow!! Isn't it the best place to go.

If you visit Shillong next time make sure to go to this place. But remember to carry food with you. You won;t find anything to buy out there except Chips or Biscuits that to if you are lucky enough to see locals selling out there.

Few stories and pictures to follow from this place including that of the Canyons. Till then Stay tuned!

Oh i forgot! All i heard (And later confirmed) is that you will see a bit of this place in the upcoming movie "RockOn 2".


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