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Canyons of Laitlum

01st Feb 2016, New Delhi

I mentioned briefly about the "Canyons of Laitlum, Meghalaya" in my earlier post. Laitlum is situated around 45 minutes drive from Shillong and is situated in the Khasi Hills. Now after so many days i got some time to write further about this beautiful place. 

As mentioned earlier as soon we arrived at Laitlum, we were welcomed by magnificent pasture land. It appears to be a plateau  amidst the hills. You stroll around the place, enjoying every step around the place. While strolling, at any moment, it won't come to your mind that the place is known for something else. Its when you walk till the edge of the hills, the magnificent deep gorge surprises you. The gorge is huge and deep. People say during monsoon the whole gorge is filled with clouds and the bottom is hardly seen. Won't it be wonderful to witness such a sight?

Since i went during winters and the weather was clear. I could manage to see and click the beautiful gorge till the very end. You can see some habitation down below the gorge and the river flowing between the hills. The sight is mesmerizing especially when you can see the Sun going down behind the hills of the gorge.

There are steep stairs (made my locals) around the edge of the gorge and you can walk down (if you wish) to quite an extend till the villages down below. While going down you can feel the winds more strongly and every step will remind you about the grandness of the gorge. I would definitely suggest to do so as its a different experience.

So as said earlier do keep this place in the bucket list for next time. Its worth visiting.

P.S: Somewhere i read that Laitlum itself meant "the edge of the Hills" and surely the name is aptly given to this place.


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