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Serenity at its best - Umiam Lake

12th Feb 2016, New Delhi

Umian lake is a reservoir turned into a lake, which emits beauty round the clock. The lake is 15 kms before the main city Shillong and right beside the Guwahati to Shillong highway.

So when you plan your trip to Shillong (from Guwahati) ensure to visit the lake on the way to the city. No point coming back to the place again when most of the other attractions of the city are on the other side of the city.. 

We reached this place at a decent time, around 9.30 am in the morning, and still the gates were not yet opened. Even the shops around the place were closed. We have to wait a bit before someone came and provided us the entry tickets. We were the first one to be there and that gave us enough time to explore the place without much crowd around. The place is very tranquil and provides one of the best scenic beauty around it with the floating clouds, the blue sky, hills around the lake and the blue water.

You can plan picnics at this place or just sit around and enjoy the cold breeze and the view or take a walk along the shore of the lake. Boats rides are also available but the only twist is that if you are 2-3 people then you need to wait for the boat to fill up. Like we reached quite early in the morning so we had to wait a lot for other people to arrive. They start the boat only when its full or you pay the full amount of the boat capacity (This is what i did at last). Before you decide on the boat ride ask the route, as otherwise it may be just be  a waste of monies for you. But its a worth taking the ride as the lake is huge and you will be mesmerized by its beauty and calmness. So a must place for your travel itinerary. There is also a vantage point further up on the way to Shillong. The vantage point gives a 360 degree view of the place. I'll write about it in my next post with few pictures for sure. 

P.S The lake is also sometime referred as Barapani lake as earlier this was a part of Assam before Meghalaya came into existence. So don;t get confused by the name as drivers from Assam may refer this place as Barapani while in all other places this is mentioned as Umian Lake only. 


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