Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.

Incredible Varanasi!

31st March 2016, New Delhi

Varanasi was in my bucket list for quite long time but somehow i was not been able to fulfill my wish till now. But at last this month i was able to pay a visit to the city after so many try. 
While planning the trip, i had thought that i'll cover everything during this trip and, wisely i covered a lot during the trip - from ghats to temples to the river Ganges to the narrow streets of Varanasi. 

But here the quotes from Mark Twain aptly fits. He had said: "Varanasi is older than history, older than tradition, older even the legend, and looks twice as old as all of then put together."

So how could i even think of covering or knowing even a part of the city in such brief time. Post my return i had given a lot of thought and every time i came to the same conclusion that one have to live the city of Varanasi to know it. A tourist or a traveler can't even think to knowing it even after numerous trips. This is the charm of the city which itself is so incredible! 

In coming days i'll bring more stories and places from this Incredible city and hopefully i'll do justice to it.


Mawlynnong - Asia's cleanest village tag - a boon or a bane?

21st March 2016, New Delhi

So when some place is dubbed as Asia's cleanest village then there must be something in it, right?
Truly this village in East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya is one of the cleanest place I've been in India. What surprises me most is that the places is not that accessible and yet locals have managed to keep it filled with amnesties and at the same time maintained the cleanness and hygiene of the place. That's truly remarkable in all sense.

Apart from local government initiative , the key reason (which i strongly feel and its my personal opinion) is that Mawlynnong follows the matrilineal society and women are more inclined towards cleanness. If you go to any other place in Meghalaya itself, you won't find the same standard of cleanness. So, my feelings are strong enough to have such opinion. Whatever it may be, but its a place worth visiting.

But the Asia's cleanest village is infact a boon or a bane only time can tell. When i went there i was totally suprised by the influx of tourist over there. Most of them came there to tick their itinerary, have some food, litter some wastes and move on!! They hardly interact with the locals or even roam around the village. This way can this village still carry the tag for long? Not sure at all. 

But the tourist influx is definitely helping the locals in uplifting their living standards so they won;t mind till the time there is no dire consequences. So all we can do is wait and watch.

Before i close this blog my suggestion to all of you would be to plan your trip is such a way that you can stay overnight at this place. There are many home stay options available which may not give you the city comfort but will definitely give you a total different experience. In the morning you can walk along the village, interact with them and if you don;t mind walking for a mile of two you can have a quite morning at the living root bridge. In the afternoon have a local lunch in one of the small local restaurants which is fulfilling. I was suggested to carry my food while visiting this place but if are a foodie then don't. The local food (Mostly rice) is delicious.

This would be the best experience for you in Meghalaya for sure.
Next post i'll let you know few more place around Mawlynnong (hopefully).



02nd March 2016, New Delhi

Meghalaya is known for its natural beauty. Among many of its wonder, one thing which stands apart are the "Living Root Bridge" found commonly in the southern part of the states. These are made by the Humans by entangling the roots of trees like the Banyan trees. With time (which may take upto 15 years or more) the roots firms up well and then with stones and mud they are further made into bridge to cross the mountainous terrains of the regions.

There are double Decker root bridge also found in the state. This one (depicted in the picture) is a single root bridge near the village of Nowhek (Or near Mawlynnong - another village). This was the best options which was fitting well into my itinerary.I was not at all disappointed by getting there. Though one day, i wish to cover few more of them but till that time the beauty of this place will remain there in back of my mind.

This bridge is very close to the popular village - Mawlynnong (popularly know for being crowned as Asia's cleanest village). Just before 2 km from the village you need to get down and then there are stairs which take you down to the bridge area. There is a ticket system (managed by the locals) to get in there. Post getting your tickets you need to take stairs downhill almost few hundreds meters. The stairs are quite steep and so one need to be careful with children and old people. But, its worth making the effort!

Once you are there you can admire the wonder which locals has created. The stream beneath is also accessible and you can have some good time over there with your friends and family.

After that you can head to the Nowhek View Point through the trails. Its quite uphill and a must to do thing if you are there. I'll write more about it in coming posts.

Till the time enjoy this unique man-nature creation.