Initially i started this blog as a photoblog depicting pictures from all my travels. But lately i've realized that i need to share some of my travel experiences too. So here it goes.. celebrating Life and its wonderful experiences.

Crazy May!

02nd June 2016, New Delhi

Last month has been a crazy month for me , totally tied up travelling with work. It was (after a long time) areal hectic trip for me - especially when i'm used to relaxed travelling. My schedule somewhat looked like

Delhi - Mumbai - Delhi - Cochin - Bangalore - Chennai - Delhi - Hyderabad - Delhi - Kolkotta - Delhi - Ahemadabad - Delhi - Ludhiana - Delhi

Crazy!! But while i was mostly busy with work i could sneak out sometime early morning or late evening for myself. Moreover each city gave me a something to remember for long time. While i was in Mumbai i could clicked the Bandra-Worli sealink at length taking out time early in the morning during Sunrise. While travelling to Cochin my flight got delayed by 2 hours and reached Cochin with a bad mood, but as soon i opened my eyes in the morning the city overwhelmed me with rains (considering in Delhi the temperature was reaching 46 degree). I was overjoyed. Then it was turn of Bangalore where i met my family members and was staying in a nice Taj property. I along with a colleague cycled around the resort for quite long (and i was riding a bike after almost 15 years :-) ).

The trip was building up and was getting hectic day by day and tiredness was getting on me. We reached Chennai. It was election result day and Amma came back to power again. But for me taking the night Cityscape on my camera was quite memorable not because that i took it but because i was at the top of the Hotel roof enjoying the pleasant weather with my camera. 

At Hyderabad i had little time but when i was on my way to the Airport i got a message from the airline for delay in departure of my flight. I asked the cab driver to take me to Hussain Sagar. He being a local took me to a secluded place by the lake. I spent almost an hour sitting by the lake in the evening. That day due to rain my flight got delayed almost by 3 hours and i landed in Delhi at 2 AM.

After Hyderabad it was turn for Kolkotta, nothing much of a memory but rained again welcomed me. And then i spoke to a friend almost after decades. I also met one of my old colleague accidentally at the Airport.  Ahmadabad was too hot to me to go out. But i almost lost my mobile over there. I left it in the cab but with some calls here and there i got it back late at night. Lucky me!! 

Last leg of my travel was a totally new city - Ludhiana. I was there for the first time. The strange part was that we went for a dinner in a near by mall. The place where we went , at first looks like a beer bar with fresh beer coming out of the brewery. But when we went in we find it out to be a family restaurant with IPL final going on one side while live Hindi music on the other side. It looked more like a confused place but we had hardly any other choice. But best part of Ludhiana was the road trip along the NH1 from Delhi and back...

So the whole month went like in minutes but with some memories to cherish for. Though i was too tired but writing down the experience was quite satisfying for myself..

I hope to travel more in coming days both for work and leisure and soon will share more experiences from the trips.

Till then have a memorable time!


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